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depilatory waxing

By Waxing Society

SPA de Feng cooperates with renownd hair removal expert Waxing Society, imports depilatory wax directly from Paris, with strip and without strip for different types of hair removal and skin condition, to guarantee the quality of the service. Various professional products applied before and after makes sure the skin has the minimum reddish reaction.

Waxing Procedure :

-> Consultation
-> Choice of wax
-> Hair trimming (if necessary)
-> Cleansing
-> Pre-waxing skin treatment
-> Waxing
-> Wax residue removal
-> Post-waxing skin treatment
-> Application of hair growth inhibitor (optional)

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Important Note:

- Please shower before the treatment, as direct contact to water, soap or any other chemicals is not recommended right after waxing.

- The wax residue at the treated zone will come off itself within short time with the help our post-waxing product. Please do not rub hard.

- The wax that we use does not normally stain the clothes.

- During the waxing, please maintain the body position advised by your therapist.

- Please do not rub or touch the treated zone repetitively after waxing.

- Additional re-waxing at treated zone is free of charge within three days.

- Hair shorter than one centimeter or repetitively shaved hair may be hard to remove.

- Your therapist may use tweezers to remove particular hair.

- The treatment may be temporarily suspended for your safety reason, such as sensitive skin reaction. Please come back and resume it at advised time.

- Your therapist may works with or without gloves depending on the treatment. The sanitization is guaranteed.

- You are responsible of informing us your skin and health condition that may affect the treatment.