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Selection de Feng

For years, the representatives of SPA de Feng traveled around the world to find the best products available for its most up-market clients. For this season, we present with great honor:

1. East Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil (10ml, RMB 4000, Sold out together with membership card)

2. Bulgarian Royal Rose Essential Oil (15ml, RMB 8000, Sold out together with membership card)

The recent years, China encontered several times severe natural diseaster. SPA de Feng promises to donate half of the sales of Selection de Feng to charity.

This season, we thank one very special client for his support to SPA de Feng and his generosity to the diseaster affected regions.



Founded in 1962, Algotherm is the innovating, pioneering laboratory in marine cosmetics.

Set at the heart of fields of seaweed bathed in the Iroise, our production site at Landerneau benefits from an exceptional setting – Brittany . This is a favourite region, where 80% of the seaweed is harvested for cosmetic, nutritional and medical purposes. Having a true attachment to its roots, Algotherm protects the environment by using natural marine actives: the seaweed, which is harvested for only 4 months of the year to allow its regeneration.

Since joining the Batteur pharmaceuticals group in 1997, Algotherm has benefited from the scientific competence of a world-renowned body, and places all its expertise in a unique marine formulation and mastering the full manufacturing process – from the seaweed itself to product sales in beauty institutes, day spas and thalassotherapy centres.

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